Hey I'm David

I’m a blue-eyed, left-handed American who's self-employed and lives abroad. I’m a native of Connecticut (go Pats) who’s been doing the digital nomad thing, expat lifestyle for the last few years.

Drinking tea in China.

I have a broad range of web skills ranging from SEO, to UX design and WordPress. I spend most of my time running my online business. I love to travel as a hobby and make regular, casual travel videos.

Edge of David?

Where am I? What is this?

Welcome to my private membership website and email newsletter. I run an online business based around YouTube, a high-traffic blog, an email list, and paid products.

"Edge of David" is a place where I can share content, opinions, life advice and experiences for a smaller audience on topics that are off-brand to my public image and not always PG-friendly.

Think of it like a Patreon page with a free newsletter.

Blog Categories.

80% of this site is private and organized into the following blog categories:

Tools and Gear

This cover products, services and software I've used and want to provide feedback on.

Life Advice

I'm over 35 so I believe I've earned the rigth to share a few hard won lessons.


Being self employed and living abroad requires you to take charge of your finances. I share what I've learned so far.

Expat Travel

I've been doing the long term expat travel lifestyle for a long time. Here I stories, tips and advice.

What about the name?

I got the idea for the name from a poem by Christopher Louge called come to the edge:

"Come to the edge. We might fall. Come to the edge. It’s too high! Come to the EDGE!

…and they came, and he pushed, and they flew."

I enjoyed the underlying meaning of this poem. That there is no security in life beyond your ability to adapt and that you should actively look for that edge because that’s where the growth is, but also trouble too.

What to Expect Here?

Helpful content about living abroad, working online, and running an online business. I touch on topics like personal growth, finance, and travel.

80% of the content I produce here is behind the paywall because it's on topics I don't want publicly available. The other 20% is totally free with the aim of being helpful.

Consider it part "behind the scenes" of living abroad for the last 10 years and part helpful how-to content.

Yes, some of the content I would describe as "edgy"  as I can write more freely here.

"Find Your Edge, Enjoy Life"

My paid subscription offering.

I work online, live abroad and share what I'm learning along the way here on this site.

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You have questions, I have answers.

How do you make money?

Most who find this blog and vlog assume I'm an English teacher (because most of my videos are in Thailand and Vietnam) or that I'm a wanna-be travel YouTuber struggling and trying to make it.

I make money from two large web properties, freelance work (I'm highly rated on Fiverr), online course websites like Skillshare, and a professional YouTube channel. My income comes from affiliate marketing, advertising, sponsorships, my email list, running paid ads, and selling digital products.

No it was not overnight success. It took years of consistent work (without making any money), learning and adapting, and quitting stuff that did not work. Fun fact, the first website I ever made back in 2009 was called Super Awesome Dating (yes that was the actual name - and yes it was a complete failure).

Learn more

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How I Make Money Online - Become a Wealthy Expat Instead of a Peasant English Teacher
First off, I got my start as an English teacher in Thailand so I don’t mean to disparage English teaching. It changed my life forever and for that I’m thankful. However, I’ve seen too many men get stuck as English teachers in Thailand and elsewhere. They quickly go from being

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