Why it Took 3 Months for Me to Become a WIX Affiliate

Why it Took 3 Months for Me to Become a WIX Affiliate

So a lot of you know that I'm an affiliate marketer. I run two websites in totally different niches. My most public website is Website Creative Pro where I'm the face of that brand. I produce tutorial videos on how to create a website, domain names as well as website builders among other things

There are some good and bad things with being an influencer. The good is that over time you're able to build trust and authority around yourself. This helps with selling products and services as you position yourself as an expert. Also, a personal brand is more defensible as people start to like you and want to learn from you.

The downside is that, well you're the face of the brand. It's nice and totally possible to own a website as an anonymous person. In fact I own two just like that. One large website that makes me $3000 to $7000 a month and another new website that I recently started.

Anyways, I've created tutorials using Squarespace, Carrd.co, Google Sites and so forth. Website builders are a topic I like to cover. In fact, web hosts and website builders usually reach out to me to promote them because I can actually deliver results.

Hostinger for example gave me a free hosting account to use, Bluehost increased my rate from $65 to $100 as an example, Host Gator increased my rate and gave me an exclusive coupon code.

WIX affiliate was impossible to get approved

WIX is one of the largest website builders in the world. I've used them on client websites before and really like the platform. They pay $100 per new sign up so the income potential is really there if you can create a tutorial video that can get 1000 views or more a month.

So I applied and figured I would be approved in a few days. I wasn't. I had to apply multiple times with different emails over the course of a few months. The end result was that my application was denied multiple times, every time. I even applied with other websites instead of Website Creative Pro because, who knows maybe they just don't like that brand?

WIX support on Twitter helped big time

WIX was honestly the most annoying and frustrating affiliate program I've ever worked with. The main issues was simply approving my account and letting me be an affiliate.

I reached out to them via email multiple times asking why my application kept getting rejected with no response. I just did not get it, they literally approved all my competitors so what's the deal with approving me?

I ended up getting approved in the long run due in part to WIX support on Twitter. They were my last option. I tweeted at them saying "hey I make these tutorial videos that are a perfect fit for WIX. I've created tutorials videos for Squarespace and Carrd.co, I have a lot of growth and can drive sales. Why can't you just approve my application."

Wix support at first gave a generic response saying the affiliate team is a separate entity but they would forward my message because, duh why would you not approve someone who makes videos on website builders.

A week later someone from WIX emailed me saying sorry and that my account was approved.

Wix affiliate warning

One little thing that you should be aware of is if you intend on becoming a WIX affiliate is that if you happen to get approved right away without the headache I had to deal with, just note that you have 3 days to create an account.

Unlike other programs where you're approved and can sign in whenever, with WIX you'll get a welcome email where you have to click a button and create an account with a password. You have 3 days to do this. If you don't you have to reapply with a brand new email.


So I'll leave it there. WIX is a great company and I look forward to creating some helpful content about using WIX for blogging an online store creation. Just wanted to share some mini technical difficulties that we all encounter with working online.