6 Signs You're Dealing with a Promiscuous Girl

Heartbreak and headache awaits you if you're a big dumb dummy.

6 Signs You're Dealing with a Promiscuous Girl

Contrary to popular belief, there are a lot of girls who simply enjoy sex and that's all they want.

I know it's popular to say that women only want the best, they can only love one guy and be only be attached to one man and to that I would say...


In most instanced and for most women, but that does not change the fact that there are a lot of girls who are just straight up promiscuous because they like sex and variety.

...and it's not because of any trauma, or needing love or acceptance.

It's simply because some girls really enjoy sex.

I know, shocker.

I currently have, and have had (and written about) girls who only wanted a FWB type situation.

These were nice, normal girls.

So here are my 6 signs to notice if you're dealing with a promiscuous girl who may be going through a certain, specific phase named after a garden tool.

1 - They will never invite you to their place.

This is a weird one most guys who've been "that guy" never notice, but promiscuous girls with a rotation will never invite you to their place. They only want to see you at your home (in general).

In part because their home is where they take the guy they are serious with when they meet him. It's also because their home is their sanctuary, and they don't want some guy who they only keep for that physical connection ruining their safe space.

If you're casually seeing a girl and you've never been to her place and it's a "big deal" to go to her home that is a sign she may be promiscuous and seeing multiple men.

2 - They only want to "get a drink" and then get to business.

You'll never be invited out to do stuff with her friends.

The reason is she's not trying to develop a deeper emotional connection with you. You're good looking, she's into you, but you're not "boyfriend" material. As such, she's not interested in you like that.

That means you two either "get a drink" or whatever and then get to your business meeting or she just straight up wants to see you at night only.

I've had girls I was casually seeing do this with where they would go out with their friends to bars and clubs in Bangkok (or Saigon) and then want to visit me at 1 or 2am and stay the night.

Was I included in the fun Bangkok rooftop bar part?

Nope, and they did not want me there anyways.

I'm the afterparty.

3 - When a bit drunk, they will open up about other men they are seeing.

Girls are protective of their reputation for obvious evolutionary reasons.

But I've noticed that when I'm with a girl who I only see at night and so forth gets a drink or two in them, they are more inclined to open up about other men they are casually seeing.

When you have these conversations it will honestly put ice in your veins. I was with this adorable 19 year old Thai girl.

Sweet, cute, affectionate and very feminine. Bittersweet she was so promiscuous as I would have loved to have a girl like her as my girlfriend. I love the way she was, but I could never trust her so a serious relationship was out of the question.

She also did not want to date me anyways.

Partly because of the 20 year age gap (I'm a kink for her in all honesty - an attractive older guy she enjoys being around who lays down the good D), and partly because she's friggin 19 and is active on dating apps and meeting other men.

Which would shocked a lot of guys as I'm sure there is some young Thai guy at her college who likes her and thinks she's so cute and so nice.

Having no idea that's she's casually getting pounded by some grown man once a week.

She looked like a good girl through and through so you would be shocked to learn what she was up to as girls are quite good at being secretive of their bad girl behavior.

She was a freshman in college when I meet her and only wanted to see me at night once a week. In fact, the very first time we meet she wanted me to order a Grab taxi straight to my place.

When we would "have a drink" (see point 2, and for USA idiots, the drinking law is not 21 around the world) she would open up about casually banging other men she would meet off dating apps simply because she was in the mood and that "she's single and can do whatever she wants."

4 - They are open to being in a relationship with the right person, but that person is not you.

Protect your heart is all I can say with this one.

The problem with FWB relationships, casual hookups, whatever these weird modern relationships are is that sometimes one person will develop feelings. Not always, but it can happen.

These types of relationships work so long as you're both on the same page.

Also, don't expect a casual type relationship to ever develop into anything beyond what it is. All girls I have been with as the current guy they are sleeping with were open to meeting a guy, but simply have not done so yet.

So they continue to see me on the side and then stopped once they met a guy they were into. They never viewed me as a potential boyfriend and this was never an issue with any girl as I did not want to date them seriously as well.

We were on the same page so to speak

This is why everyone says "girls are never single" - at least young attractive girls. They are always dating and sleeping with some guy.

So protect your heart.

In general most of my FWB relationships lasted a few months then the girls fell off as they entered into a relationship with a guy they met and then saw as boyfriend material.

5 - They move the sexual encounter quickly the first time.

Girls who want something physical and only physical, move the encounter quickly. Like Duong (Sara was her English name) I talked about before.

We meet on Tinder, then arranged to meet at Cheese Coffee (a cafe in Saigon), and talked for 40 minutes. I had my computer backpack and told her I wanted to go back to my room to drop off my bag and then we could go somewhere else.

I was totally sincere about this as I did not want to be the backpack guy and figured we would go get food or whatever once I ditched my stupid backpack.

But once we got to my room she escalated things, enjoyed herself and straight up told me she just wanted to see me as a FWB type setup.

So to reiterate, when a girl is attracted to you, but not interested in something serious they will move the encounter quickly.

This is why girls want to take things slow with guys they like as to not ruin things.

At least that's how they perceive it.

I know, female logic at it's finest.

6 - Does not encourage or want an emotional connection (because they don't want that).

If she is not encouraging or initiating connection, that's because she does not see you as a potential boyfriend.

When a girl is into a guy, she wants to feel connected. Talking everyday, messaging, making an effort. They want to be apart of your life.

Promiscuous girls who have you on their rotation don't do these things with you because it does not even occur to them to do such things.

It's also because they're busy with other men.

They do this type of behavior with the guy they want to date and be serious with because that's who they are emotionally invested in.

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What you do however get as the guy on the rotation is her being available on demand. You message her, make plans, and get to business without all the other steps.

I know it's weird.

You as the guy on the rotation of a promiscuous girl get the physical, intimate side of her with low investment of time and money. While other guys have to put more effort in.

However, you never get to be her man if you ever want that.

You never get to have her fully in your life.

To hold her hand as you're walking to a cafe, to go to the movies together, to date and develop that connection.

You just get casual business meetings until she finds someone she want's to take seriously.

Which, if you're on the same page as her and are happy to engage in a frivolous, short term relationship then have at it.

Just be careful.

Retire from hookup culture sooner, rather than later

I just want to end this with one cautionary note, you want an exit as a man.

It's cool to "get da girls" and what not, but finding someone you can take seriously, create a family with, that loves and supports you, that wants to see you do well is hard to find.

It's useful to be a bit of a playboy so you see all these sides of women and are not naive. That way you have the experience and knowledge to be a man that can lead a woman and not put up with female fu%kery.

But you want an exit as a man. Women "hit the wall" and find it difficult to secure relationships with the men they want as they age, but men also run out of time too.

It's just that men have more time...

...but not forever.