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Hey everyone, welcome to my personal blog with articles and videos on expat life, financial independence and personal growth strategies. This site has both free and private content.

I currently offer a paid subscription (similar to a Patreon page). This subscription allows you access to exclusive, private updates and new content sent directly to your email as well as access to any content that's behind the paywall.

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So what do you get for subscribing for $3 a month? Let's get into it.

Private email list with exclusive, hidden content in each public blog post sent directly to your email.

As a paying subscriber you'll be on a private email list where you get blog posts emailed to you as they are released or updated. While not a selling point by itself, what is unique is that these blog posts have "email subscriber only" content that's hidden to the public.

While the blog posts are publicly available for all to read, they each have hidden pieces of content that you can only read via email.

When I create a blog post that will be available to the public I can use a feature of Ghost that hides content in my free blog posts to where only an email subscriber can see it.

My favorite blogging feature of Ghost. This makes whatever content I put in this block only readable in email.

Within each and every single public blog post on this site there are hidden blocks only subscribers have access to when I send out new content via email.

Full access to private, subscriber only website content.

Next, you'll get full access to all the content I've put behind a paywall. This includes things like private YouTube videos, podcasts, income reports, investments, behind the scenes of my vlogs, my life abroad and aspects of running my online business.

Sometimes I want to share content that may not be appropriate for the general public so behind the paywall it goes. When you subscribe you'll have your own account on this website and will be able to log in to view private, members only content.

By becoming a paying subscriber you'll get access to the full archive of everything that's been published before and everything that's still to come.

Thanks for your support!

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