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Hey everyone, welcome to my personal blog powered by Ghost. Ghost is an advanced content management system with a strong focus on email marketing and paid subscriptions.

With Ghost, I can setup private, subscriber only content. When you subscribe, you get access to private videos, private blog posts and subscriber only content in emails.

Exclusive email content

The email list for this website is free and paid. Free subscribers get all public emails, paying subscribers get access to hidden content the free subscribers never even see.

Yea, Ghost is pretty dang cool.

For example, when I write a blog post that will be available to the public I can use a block that hides content in my free blog posts to where only a paying subscriber with an account gets access to it when they read it Gmail (or whatever email client you use):

Within each and every single public blog post on this site there are hidden blocks only subscribers have access to when I send out new content via email.

Members only content

Last, I can outright have subscriber only content with things like private YouTube videos, income reports, investments, behind the scenes of my vlogs, my life abroad and aspects of running my online business.

When you subscribe you'll have your own account on this website and will be able to log in to view private, members only content.

Think of this like Patreon

Patreon is a website that YouTubers and Podcasters use to run a membership website for free. The problem is that Patreon is a closed platform and you have no control over the branding and is not ideal if you want to run a blog focused subscription website.

With Ghost I can blog publicly, have private content, create something more fun and brandable. If you're curious on the difference between Ghost and Patreon checkout this breakdown.

Exclusive, hidden content

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