11 Reasons Why You Should Quit Playing Video Games

11 Reasons Why You Should Quit Playing Video Games

We all have our vices and addictions. Video games are a pretty lame one if you ask me, but it’s a personal problem I’ve had to deal with and I know a lot of guys deal with.

Checking my old Steam account I saw this:

299 hours playing Skyrim. Running around in a fantasy world like it was my job. That’s the equivalent of 12 DAYS spent playing this game non-stop.

Seeing this number is embarrassing and it honestly makes me mad at myself for being so foolish.

You know what really makes me sick? This number:

627 hours.

Six hundred and twenty seven hours from playing Team Fortress 2. Granted, this was a game I played for years starting in college but still, this is what? A combined total of 1000 hours playing games.

Time to get a life.

Looking at these numbers I knew I had a problem and it’s what helped me quit playing games forever. You need to know yourself. If you know you’re someone who can’t do something in moderation, you need to quit it all together.

Like how an alcoholic just needs to stop. Most of us can casually have a drink and it’s not a big deal. I know I can have a beer with dinner or even go out with friends and limit myself to a pint or two max.

Why? Because drinking is not a vice for me. But video games, I have no idea why my brain gets so addicted to something like that. I have friends who, like me with alcohol can play games casually and really don’t get how addictive games can be for some people.

For those of us who’s brains are wired differently, we really can’t stop. Telling an alcoholic to just “drink in moderation” does not work because they genuinely can’t do it. I’m that way with video games and you probably are too if you’re reading this.

The solution is to just stop forever.

I really don’t mean to compare playing games to alcoholism in terms of severity, but it is good to compare the two because I “get it” in the sense that there are just some things in life you need to just flat out quit.

Games are way too addictive. Be it my smartphone or a game from Steam. I simply can’t play because I’ll get too wrapped up in it.

Thinking I’ll “just play for an hour” then 4 hours later I’ve not stopped.

You know how it goes. “I’ll play for an hour” – yea the first day sure. Then the next day it’s 1.5 hours then 2 hours, then you’re playing for 3+ hours.

Don’t believe the lies you tell yourself.

Just quit.

Just quit now. Not tomorrow, now.

Open up your smartphone, delete all the games from it.

Right now.

Then, delete Steam from your laptop and lastly, throw your Xbox (or whatever you young men play on now) out the window.

…and God help you if you’re on Twitch watching someone play a video game. I’ll find you and smack you if you’re over 25 years old and watching an adult play video games on Twitch.


Delete it now.


Do it now.

I’ll wait.









Oh you need to think about it? Yea you have an attachment to that game don’t you?

Strange thing isn’t?

That’s why you don’t have a girlfriend. Your stupid video game is your girlfriend.

11 Reasons Why You Need To Quit Video Games

I’ve not played games at all since around 2014.

I quit because I felt like a fool looking at how much time I spent playing Skyrim, Oblivion and Team Fortress 2. I just quit. I spent over 1000 hours playing games on Steam. It’s enough for a lifetime.

It’s a weird thing to be immensely disappointed in yourself. But feel the shame and put an end to it.

You’ll be able to quit when you’re ready to quit. Hopefully this post pushes you in the right direction.

Here is how to put an end to this nonsense:

1 – Games prolong problems

When you have a game addiction, it’s only so because the games you’re playing gives you greater happiness than anything else in your life. Game addiction is for those who are socially isolated, for people with big underlying problems.

If you’re socially awkward, don’t have friends, no girlfriend, are out of shape and broke, these are massive problems that you’re ignoring by playing games.

They will only grow and grow and take you out if you’re not careful. Face your problems, deal with the crappy life you built for yourself and start making incremental changes for the better.

It’s not easy. Life is not easy. But what is the alternative?

2 – Focus

You want to start a blog, build a business, travel the world, get a high paying job. Great! So does everyone else.

If you want to find an edge like I have, where you can live life on your terms you need to be willing to sacrifice for what you want. If you’re not willing to sacrifice for what you want, what you want becomes the sacrifice.

Video games are an EASY thing to give up in the grand scheme of things and give you so much focus back to apply to a different area of your life.

You only have so much time and energy in the day. We all understand this, but what you don’t get is that ALL that energy you used to assign to video games is now free and available to assign to a new area of your life.

This is why you need to quit stupid things in your life. Ditching video games for good will allow you to explore and expand new areas of your life.

3 – You should have better things to do

To achieve things you need to work like hell. Most people are lazy. Did you know that I blog here, have two YouTube channels, Udemy and Skillshare courses, digital products on my other websites and an email list. Did anyone just give me these things?

No. I worked and worked to make it happen. When working you ‘ll go through a few different phases. The first phase is the:

Loser phase

This is the phase where you work, get no attention, are ignored by everyone and feel like a total loser. If you get through this phase you’ll get to the:

Emotional roller coaster phase:

Things work, then they don’t. One minute you feel like you’re making progress then things blow up in your face. If you’re on to something, you’ll eventually get to the:

J curve phase:

This is the phase where your growth is like a J curve. Things are growing, you’re making sales, getting traffic and it’s all seems to be done with ease.

The last phase is the automation phase:

Things are up an running, you can now enjoy and live that laptop lifestyle to where others are envious of you of the great life you live.

You know what happens if you plays games? You’ll be forever stuck in the loser phase. When things get tough, you’ll retreat to where you get that dopamine hit from.

4 – Stop being a loser

Losers smoke too much pot. Losers spend all day playing games. Losers are not in shape. Losers don’t make money. Losers are not attractive.

Stop being a loser.

Now remember, go back to the start. This only applies if any one of these areas are a problem area. If you’re not able to do something in moderation IT WILL do you in.

Video games are a horrible reason to fail at life. To be 35 and looking back at your 20s, realizing the time you wasted playing games instead of facing the difficulties of life, overcoming them and being better for it.

5 – Build a real character, YOU

NerdFitness.com founder Steve Kamb said that he got sad when he really began to think about how he built this awesome video game character, with high stats and great equipment. But his life? It sucked.

So he set out to change that through fitness and his website by showcasing his own epic quest of actually doing real world stuff.

You can do the same.

When you stop playing games, that time and energy will be consumed by something else. It will be replaced with a new habit and routine instead. Replace games with reading or a podcast, replace it with something that actually adds value to your life.

6 – Games add nothing to your life

When ever I played games, I walked away feeling like I got nothing out of it.

Like all drugs.

Games, like social media add no value to your life. They don’t improve it in any meaningful way are are more of a gigantic time waster. Imagine if you met someone who spent 7 hours a day using Instagram? What a weirdo you would think!

7 – Games are for kids

It’s time to put on your big boy pants. Games are for kids. Start adopting this mindset and you’ll being to think it’s a bit lame to be “into” games as an adult. You’re not 14 anymore. It’s also a sub culture you don’t want to be apart of.

Full of dorky, weak men.

Instead, eat some steaks, lift some weights and become a man.

8 – You want to achieve great things

Games are fine if you’re an average out of shape man who wants a mediocre life doing what everyone else is doing. But what if you want more? What if you want to make travel videos for YouTube, or build your own popular blog, or start a Shopify store?

Is playing games going to help you get there or help get in your way?

Games, social media and beer are (and also a bad relationship) are the most destructive things in a persons life that prevents them from getting what they want. People don’t get what they want because they get in their own way with these stupid vices, video games being one of them.

9 – Games waste your time like nothing else

You have a little voice inside your head. You know when you’re not doing the things you should be doing.

You’re inching ever closer to creating a personal hell. It’s made worse when you feel a lack of self control. That you can’t just stop.

This is why some may feel depressed. Depression is a normal response when life if difficult and you’re not making forward progress. It’s your emotions telling you to change.

10 – Games are all consuming

It goes back to dopamine. Games make your monkey brain happy. Being forced to go out into the world, fail because you lack the skills to be successful because you never really got around to developing yourself as a person, you’ll want to retreat to your safe space of games because it’s the only thing giving you that hit of good feelings.

This is why you need to quit. It’s a dangerous cycle of destruction that makes you socially retarded, fat and isolated.

11 – Quitting games is hard

When you quit, and quit for good you can take pride in yourself. It’s a personal, quite victory. It’s not one where any awards are given out – but you can take pride in yourself knowing that you’re taking control of your life to make it better.

You know in your heart of hearts that you made a choice to become more than what you currently are.

Why You Need to Quit Playing Video Games - Conclusion

I hope this content inspires you to stop playing video games, stop living in the meta verse and live in the "actual verse" you're in. Life is incredible, but anything worth having is earned.

Otherwise there would be no value in things that are easy to get or have. So stop playing video games, it's for children and you're not a child anymore.

If you found this helpful share it with someone who needs to see it.