How To Make Good Things Happen To You

Git gud.

How To Make Good Things Happen To You

Get good and get going.

One painful lesson I learned early on is that your results are all that matter.

I repeat, your results are all that matter.

That means you don't go to college and get a degree in something you think can make money but you have no interest or talent in (you'll be fired for incompetence or worse you'll stay in a middling role for the rest of your mediocre life).

That also means you stop being a proverbial money chaser, jumping from one shiny object to the next. If that's you, you'll wake up and be be in the same situation you are in now, except you'll be 10 years older, fatter and with less options.

What getting good and getting going does mean is that you get good at something now.

It's how you make good things happen to you.

There's no point to doing anything in your life until you do this.

When you're in your 20's it's fine to be young and dumb. You're Peter Pan as a man at this point.

Full of opportunity and optionality.

But you need to pick something (and fast) and get good at it.

Then as you constrict your options down and give up the wide range of "I can be anything" to "I am this," you move through the eye of the needle.

Gone are experiences you will never have access to, a life you'll never live.

But it's required because as you come out the other side, you're a highly functioning member of society.

You're something, you have your place and then again life opens up to you.

If you don't sacrifice and git gud as they say, you'll be an old child and no one has patience for a useless 30 something year old man like they do when you're in your 20's

Your best shot at an amazing life is to "get good"

No more average.

No more hoping and wishing (like this guy).

Just stop, focus and commit to "making getting good a way of life."

Nothing else matters until gud status has been achieved.

Feeling sad, womp womp

We all get down, we all feel sad. Shit happens, life sucks but we're all here and moving forward into the future whether we like it or not.

So stop looking at Instagram of people living perfect lives. It's inspiring until it brings you down and reminds you of your shit life.

That's probably not even that bad, you just need to get good in order to start making good things happen to you.

Get gud or die trying.

You're here, you're alive, you have no choice.

Freedom on demand

Screw your friends, f your family, stop trying to show a lifestyle.

Ditch anything that is not related to getting good that enables you to create and control an excessive amount of personal freedom and control in all areas of your life.

Go all in for 3-6 years into getting good at something so you can build and scale the next 40 years in state of abundance and choice.

Society does not care about men

No one is coming to save you. Remember hearing that one?

It's true, men have a burden of performance.

You can not rely on the system nor can you society. It's PVP and nothing is designed to make life better or more tolerable. Maybe just a bit more convenient as men solve problems and build things.

People want you to succeed (so you're not a burden) on their terms, not yours.

Go one step beyond that and win.

How to git gud

Step 1: Write down 10 goals you would like to achieve in the next 12 months. At the top of this paper, write todays date.

Step 2: Once you have 10 goals written out, ask yourself this simple question:

If you could only accomplish one goal on this list, but you could accomplish it in the next 24 hours. Which one goal would have the greatest positive impact on your life?

Step 3: Flip the paper over, write the goal at the top of the page and set a deadline. Then write out everything you need to do to achieve your goal as well as the person you need to start showing up as.

Then, do something everyday.

That's it for now.

Get good and get going.