Toxic Positivity - The Recluse of the Untalented

Toxic Positivity - The Recluse of the Untalented

10 years.

10 years I've been watching this guy waste his life on his personal development blog. Starting when he was 24 to now 34. It's a real tragedy:

"I help emergent creatives, leaders and change makers refine and align their authentic story through self knowledge techniques in a holistic approach."

What? He rewrites this gobbly gew every few months.

Seriously, it reminds me of South Parks take down of Inception and how just because you can make something complicated does not make it "deep" or intelligent. His books don't sell, his following is non-existent. Yet he persists when all signs point to stop.

Sort of like me in how I tried to make into a big personal development website back in 2011. I spent 2 years on this project, totally failed and rightly so. Being a young man at the time I had a lot of learning and growing to do. I had no business giving any sort of life advice.