What is the Best (and Worst) Height For a Man?

What is the Best (and Worst) Height For a Man?

One thing that always annoys me about "red pill" YouTube is when men compare girls having a height preference in men to a woman's weight. The idea being that women want tall men and men don't like fat women. But the reality is women don't like overweight men too.

It's an overall dumb comparison because height is something women find attractive in men, they can't control that they find it attractive, and it's something that men can't control.

A better comparison for something that men find attractive in women that women themselves can't control is curves.

A particularly curvy woman is just sexy. It's something men find very attractive and it's something women can't control about their body.

If you're shaped like a 12-year-old boy as a woman it's a turn-off for most men, in the same way a short guy is a turn off for women.

So regarding height, what is the best and worst height for a man?

Is 5 ft 9 short?

Do girls really like guys that are 6 ft 7? Here's my hot (or dumb, probably dumb) take on height for men. Please note that I'm American so I'm going to be using feet and inches which to the rest of the world is dumb.

Also, my fellow American men, know that girls on the metric system are nowhere near as obsessed with this whole 6 foot thing.

5 foot 4 inches and under

The worst height for a guy (sorry). You're just overall a bit small for a man and will need to make up for this lack of height by being exceptional in some other way.

Because you're an outlier in height in a negative way, you need to make up for this by being an outlier in some other aspect of life.

Like Graham Stephan who is 5 ft 3, but he's quite successful, charming, well connected and hard working.

5 foot 5 inches to 5 foot 7 inches

The typical short guy height. This height sucks because you'll usually be around 140 lbs, and not very imposing. Girls will find your height unattractive and like the 5ft 4 guys and under you'll need to make up for your height in some way.

But girls can work with a guy who's in this height range if they have things going for themselves and are more forgiving than if you were 5,4 and under.

But in general you're never going to be the short term, "hot guy" one night stand choice for a girl.

5 foot 8 inches

Damn it, you're so close to being the average American height but you're not quite. You can look tall or small depending on the person.

My good friend who's Canadian but his family is from Pakistan is 5 ft 8 but he's 190lbs at this height and jacked. So like all the other heights you can make up for it if you have the genetics for being big and muscular.

5 foot 9 inches to 5 foot 10 inches

The minimally acceptable height for a man or MAH as I call it.

At this height, your height does not help you, but it also does not work against you. Girls would prefer if you were taller, but you're tall enough for most women and they don't find this height unattractive.

The only thing you must do is work out. You have to be physically fit at this height as big guys who don't lift can get girls simply because they are big and girls feel safe with them.

Otherwise, shut up and stop complaining about being 5 foot 9. Your height is not prohibiting you from getting a girl, your lack of social skills, a-cup man boobs and rotund belly is.

Remember, there is some 5 foot 7 guy that would switch places with you in an instance to be your height. So who's an optimal example of this height?

Greg O'Gallageher is my height at around 5,10 (1.78cm) in height:


You think he's struggling with the girls because he's not 6 foot?

5 foot 11

Like 5 foot 8, you're so close to being 6 foot but technically you're not. So this height sucks.

6 foot

The height that women have been programed to prefer for whatever reason. 6 foot, 190 lbs is a great size for a guy. My dad is this size and it is perfect.

Big, but not too big. You would not mess with someone at this height. You're taller than the statistical average American guy as well.

6 foot 1 to 6 foot 2

Meh, these heights suck because you're tall, but you're just not imposing. You may as well be 6 foot. Like guys who are 5,8 and 5,11 you're so close to being really big but you're not quite there.

6ft 3 to 6ft 5

The best height range for a man. In this range, depending on how you're built you can be a huge guy who's imposing.

6 foot 4, 240lbs? Who the hell is going to mess with you?

You're also not too big to where you stop fitting into the world. 6 ft 5 inches is really the max height setting I would want.

6 ft 6 and beyond

Once you start getting up into these upper echelons of height, you start getting way too tall for most normal places.

Buying clothes now becomes a challenge too.

There are also a lot of lanky, spider man like guys in these range who are tall, but have oddly shaped portions like freakishly long arms and legs.

But there are exceptions like Shaq and Big Beau Brown.

What to do if you're a short guy - Conclusion

Andrew Tate had the best advice in this video because it's true. You have to play the cards your dealt. You're here, you're alive, you have to make make the most of it and become the best version of yourself.

Yes your height affects your ability to "get da girls" as they say, but what the heck are you going to do if you're 5 foot 7?

Mope around and complain?

Yes this video can annoy people because all these men are tall. But I found Andrew to have the best advice and Justin Waller to have the worst.

Justin almost assumes that if you're not 6 foot whatever then it's impossible to get beautiful women and you should be happy settling. This is just wrong as guys who are the MAH can attest to.

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