Stop Being a Side Character in Your Own Story

Are you the side character in your own life?

Stop Being a Side Character in Your Own Story

Too many people go through life being the side character.

Far more energized and excited to talk about what Mr. Breast or Elon Musk is doing than what they are doing.

More aware of the flaws and failings in others than in themselves.

Stop it.

It's weird.

It's also dumb.

Being the "side character," as I call it, symbolizes a passive approach to life, where you live vicariously through others.

Hero worship, for lack of a better term.

Just imagine your most powerful thoughts, energy and focus are on people you don't even know and their achievements and failures.

Your focus is spent watching them live out their lives while you drum along, living a life of mediocrity.

"Most people don't realize that they are extras in their own movie" - Bob Proctor

How to stop

Start facing your challenges, overcoming obstacles, and learning from your experiences. Yes, this requires stepping out of your comfort zone and embracing new opportunities.

It was not in my original plan to go abroad to teach English for a few years, travel and build an online business. At my worst, I was 7K in debt and unsure when my dreams would come true.

It was stressful and hard at times but the reality is that if I didn't go on an adventure and make a radical change, I would have ended up being some lonely guy living in Connecticut working in accounts payable in the bowels of some corporation.

Instead, I get to be a better version of myself.

The lead in my own life.

You can do the same.