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A Few Things That Surprised Me About Jakarta (Girls, Food, Travel)
Jakarta Indoneisa. I solo traveled there for 5 days and wow, what a great city. In this post I’m going to document my short experiences there. Yes, this is going to be kept private because I’m talking about topics I don’t want publicly available so subscribe (you can cancel anytime)
Thai Immigration Getting Strict
A quick story on how I was treated with unfair skepticism at Thai immigration.
Pattaya Thailand Nightlife - Is It Worth Visiting? Yes & No
Is Pattaya Thailand worth visiting? Yes, but mostly no. Learn why I think it’s a one and done place.
My Thoughts on Dating Girls in Thailand, Vietnam and The Philippines
I’ve been watching David Bond in the Philippines and he confirms my personal experiences after having traveled to, and lived in South East Asia. I break down my personal experiences after 10+ years of being an expat and debunk a lot of myths and assumptions men who don’t travel have.
How to Make Money as a Twitch Streamer -With Jay Streazy
I meet Jay back when I was in Vietnam. I was at a bar in Da Nang with my then girlfriend and I just happened to sit down at a table across from him and his girlfriend. He recognized me and said hello. He had sent me a message previously
How I Make Money Online - Become a Wealthy Expat Instead of a Peasant English Teacher
First off, I got my start as an English teacher in Thailand so I don’t mean to disparage English teaching. It changed my life forever and for that I’m thankful. However, I’ve seen too many men get stuck as English teachers in Thailand and elsewhere. They quickly go from being

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