How VIPKID Changed My Life

How VIPKID Changed My Life

I'm forever thankful to VIPKID and today I'm going to explain to you how it changed my life for the better. VIPKID is an online teaching platform that I worked with as an independent contractor from 2016-2019. They paid $22+ an hour at the time and were my reliable, rent money while I worked on building my websites and YouTube.

Earn $14-22/hr teaching English online
Have you thought about teaching English online? Here’s a flexible opportunity that lets you work from home, or really anywhere, on your schedule.

With VIPKID I was able to work on my own stuff during the mornings and afternoons while living in Thailand and then teach online 3-4 hours in the evenings. Making an income I could 100% rely on while I was growing my own business.

Because I was able to free up so much of my time and live in a low cost area of the world, I was able to achieve escape velocity.

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