How to Tell When a Girl Likes You (5 Signs)

How to Tell When a Girl Likes You (5 Signs)

As man who has been on both sides of the proverbial coin, a useless twenty something who was unattractive to women and couldn't get a girl to save my life to now a guy who is over 30 and has options, choice and crazy intimate stories with beautiful women...

It's time to stop simping.

Here is how to tell when a girl likes you.

This is by no means the end all and be all. A girl you're dealing with does not even need to be doing all these things. It's just a high level overview of what to pay attention to if you're curious if she likes you or not.

"Likes you" as in sees you as her potential man and not just as a casual hookup (yes, a lot of girls have their own rotation) or a shoulder to cry on:

1) She makes time for you

When a girl is into you, she wants to spend time with you.

Period, end of f&%king story.

I'm putting this is number 1 for a reason because men over complicate this by justifying her flaking and always being busy.

Attractive, desirable women have choice, so if she is making time for you that means she's into you. No one (man or woman) is too busy for someone they like and are interested in.

So if you ask a girl out either on a dating app or a girl you've meet in person before and she does not make time for you, it's her way of saying she's not interested.

Think of it this way, what do you expect her to do?

Be blunt and tell you she's not attracted to you?

That's so awkward.

Women are passive and need to be careful with how they talk to men because a lot of men are crazy and don't handle rejection well.

So if you are trying to make plans with a girl and it's one excuse after another, she is not interested so stop asking her out.

The only caveat to this is if it's the first time asking a girl out and she gives an excuse she may be honest.

Life happens, follow up with her and ask her out again later. But if it's always an excuse or worse, she just ignores your messages or replies to you days later then just move on by pulling away your attention.

If she likes you, she makes time for you because she wants to see you. Don't justify bad behavior or her showing a lack of interest. There's nothing to rationalize, she just does not like you that much, at least not in a romantic way.

Just come to terms with reality that she's not into you and move on. I know it sucks, but you have to accept it. Maintain your dignity and frame by not giving her any more of your attention.

2) She touches you when you're out together.

When a girl likes you, she touches you and wants you in her personal space. Not in a weird or creepy way, but she will do subtle things like hold your arm, sit close to you, lean into you when you're talking in a quite setting, put her hand on your thigh for a second as you're talking.

With women, let them lead with the physicality.

If she's being physical it's your sign that it's acceptable to step things up and touch back (but in a polite way, like holding her hand if you're crossing the street).

This could also lead to her being open to going home with you the first night if you're handsome and charming enough.

But if she is not touching you and wanting you in her personal space, then be a gentleman and keep your distance. So in short, if she not particularly physical when you're out together, that's a sign she's not sexually attracted to you.

3) She asks questions and remembers things

Plain and simple fellas, she asks you questions, responds to your questions in detail (not 1-3 word responses) and remembers things you've said in the past.

If you find your conversation with her is a bit one sided with you constantly having to initiate conversation, initiate going out, then that's okay if you've not yet gone out and don't really know each other.

But if this behavior does not change after you've already meet (and perhaps even slept together), she's just not that interested if she's not making any effort to talk to you (interested as in seeing you as a potential boyfriend).

With this lack of effort on her part, don't expect anything serious to develop as her behavior is showing that she does not see you as serious boyfriend. Maybe as a friend, maybe as a casual hookup every now and then (and yes women do this once you get attractive enough), but not as her potential man.

4) She includes you in things

She invites you to join events and activities. When you're talking she also uses the word "we" as in we should do a specific thing together. If she is making no effort to include you in anything ever and she never mentions the future with you in it, that's not a good sign.

Again, if you just met and started talking then don't worry. But if you've been putting effort in and things don't change, she is not looking at you as her potential boyfriend.

This does not mean she's not attracted to you though (I know women are complicated), as I've had this experience with girls where I was on their rotation as the dude they were currently sleeping with.

But that's all they wanted, to see me once a week roughly. Meaning, come over at night after going out, get to business and then leave in the morning. I know that sounds crazy, but it's how a lot of women move.

They can be attracted to you, but not see you has boyfriend material.

If a girl likes you and sees something with you, she will include you in activities she is doing as a way to deepen the relationship.

5) She want's to do stuff for you

When a girl likes you, believe it or not they want spend money on you. Not all girls are like this because a lot of them have been poorly raised to think that:

"they deserve bla bla bla, the man has to do everything and all I have to do is just exist because I'm so awesome."

But a genuinely good woman who likes you will want to do things for you. She will buy you little gifts (like if she was at a cafe and bought you a cookie - something as simple as that), cover the bill sometimes when you're out, whatever.

A girl who is down for you, wants to love and support you. My Apple Watch is from a girlfriend, my computer backpack is from a girlfriend. Good women know how to reciprocate and your relationship with them won't be one sided.

They still expect you to be the man obviously, but girls who really like you will spend money on you and be thoughtful and caring.

Girls who are naturally selfish and self centered, girls who have a big ego and think they are so amazing and beautiful and a "real man" will do xyz, 123 thing for them just because, and girls who are just not that into you won't be thoughtful like this.

Stop simping

Look I get it, if you're a man starved for attention, it's quite frustrating seeing beautiful girls. But the cliche is true, you got to do the work on yourself and raise your value.

That way you become a man who actually has access to these women, instead of being an "omg you're so beautiful" reply guy.

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