How to Take a Proper Headshot (For Men)

Put your best jaw forward.

How to Take a Proper Headshot (For Men)

Headshots are not just for actors and models.

If you have a website, online dating profile, or even social media account, chances are you’ve needed to post your face online.

Peter Hurley by far has the most helpful video I've found for how to take a headshot as a man.

This works even if all you have is an iPhone.

Are you putting your best face forward?

Judging by the typical "boomer" Instagram selfies I've seen, you’re probably not.

The great thing about the internet is you can learn anything and today I want to share with you some advice on how to take better headshots I learned from Peter Hurley.

Peter Hurley, is a New York photographer and his focus is on a creating good jawline

Watch Peter Hurley’s video on headshots and practice in front of a mirror.

He instructs men to push their forehead forward and jaw out slightly in order to give a more angular look to the jawline.

I know a lot of guys have that double chin going on, so with this technique of pushing your forehead forward, it really works to minimize your double chin (if that's you).

Of course, being fit and having a lower body fat helps create that sharp jawline.

I'm currently 170 lbs, fit, and used my Sony X3000 for few thumbnails (see below).

When I was taking selfies with my action camera (and the X3000 is not known for taking nice pictures mind you!), I made sure to jut my jaw out ever so slightly and and to squint my eyes.

Key takeaways: Focus on the jawline and those sexy eyes

  1. It’s all about the jaw - Practice in the mirror and develop and understanding for how to position your head to make your jawline look good.
  2. Learn how to squint your eyes ever so slightly and smirk instead of giving a big goofy smile. I naturally do this to be honest, but practice. You have muscles under your eyes so learn how to use them.
  3. Lose weight. If you're significantly out of shape, you do need to lean down. Peter's technique can help if your out of shape but not if you're obese.

Like a lot of guys, I'm not big on taking pictures of myself. But if you're ever in a situation where you're needing to take a headshot of yourself, reference this video or blog post.

Once the person who is taking your picture (like a friend) understands how you should best angle your head to get a more sharp jawline, you'll be quite surprised at the improved quality of your headshots.

Other random tips to look your best for your professional headshot

Don't be hung over (duh) the day before you need to take pictures of yourself. You want to stay hydrated and looking your best.

Haircuts - For whatever reason we men all look best a week out from a haircut. So don't get a haircut the day before you need to take pictures of yourself.

Solid colors look best. Avoid stripes, patterns and "loud" colors.