Friendship Purgatory - When It's Ok to Have No Friends

Friendship Purgatory - When It's Ok to Have No Friends

When you’re growing as a person, you’ll find yourself alone at some point.

This aloneness I call friendship purgatory. A period of time where you’ll have no real friends. For the socially awkward, I’m sure they’re quite familiar with this.

You can find yourself here in two ways, by choice or by lack of social skills. Both are the same in the sense you’re growing (or need to grow) and you simply don’t match with the people who are around you. Let me talk directly to the socially awkward weirdos that no one wants to be around.

Your awkwardness thrusts you into friendship purgatory. A painful time because you don’t fit in and you don’t have a group to call your own. Nobody is going to tell you how to be less socially awkward too, so it’s something you have to figure out on your own. But this compounds the problem. You fall behind on your social skills development because you never get a chance to develop yourself.

There is no easy solution for these types.