Can Men and Women Be Friends?

Yes. But a female friend is NOT the same as a male friend.

Can Men and Women Be Friends?

Men and women can't be friends...

says every idiot red pill YouTuber.

They presuppose that male/female friendships only exist because the male is just bidding his time, waiting in the friend zone for his chance.

To this I say yes.

Yes, this sort of unhealthy relationship is a thing.

I've also heard that men and women can't be friends because the woman expects the male friend to act like her boyfriend and that female friends are too much of a liability.


Men and women can be friends

I'm a guy with quite a few female friends, and I can easily say that men and women can be friends.

The only thing to keep in mind is that a female friend is different then a male friend.

I see my female friends maybe once every few weeks for coffee, dinner or to go out for drinks and talk.

Also, 90% of my female friends are girls who I've slept with before a few times or that I am in a casual FWB setup.

I don't want to date them.

They don't want to date me.

We're friends first and foremost.

Yes really. I'm not secretly wanting to date them, nor are they wanting to date me.

We're friends, and yes sometimes sex is involved. It happens with a male/female dynamic.

A female friend is not your boy

I think a mistake inexperienced guys make is treating a girl like you would a guy friend.

My male friends are my brothers.

Guys I can talk to about serious topics, business, issues in my life and just unwind with over a few beers or some activity (like my friends at my Muay Thai gym).

My male friends are guys I trust. Guys I can hang out with regularly, multiple times every week.

Hanging out with a female friend every week?

No way.

My female friends I see irregularly and it's almost always over coffee, dinner, going out in a group at night, or seeing a movie.

When it does not work

This type of friendship does not work if one person likes the other person. If you're a guy who is being friends with a girl because you think there's a chance, stop.

Read my post on how to tell is a girl likes you.

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It also does not work if you've properly dated and one person (or both) developed romantic feelings for one another and now just want to keep in touch.

Why female friends are so great

Friendship simply adds value to your life, regardless if it's a man or woman.

I quite enjoy lunch and dinner with women. Good conversation, a different perspective on things and more of a focus on people, drama and relationships as the conversation topic.

Women are also more social, and I've met many good people through having female friends.

I meet my good friend Andrew through my female friend Pinky. I got my current apartment in Bangkok because my friend Kathy knew a top-notch real estate agent.

I met and had a one night stand with this gorgeous 10/10 Thai girl I met at Havana Social because I went there with my friend May (who's also quite beautiful).

When you go out with female friends who are attractive, it makes you more attractive to other women.

It's such a life hack that dumb red pill YouTubers don't understand.

Yes, men and women can be friends

Sure, sometime sex is involved.

But in general men and women can be friends. So long as you're actually friends and you like and respect one another with no ulterior motive.