How to Get Unlimited Internet for 1 Year in Thailand (DTAC+AIS)

How to Get Unlimited Internet for 1 Year in Thailand (DTAC+AIS)

I'm currently based in Bangkok Thailand. I love this country, I understand the language, culture and you get great value for your money. One such instance of "value" for your money is how you can get unlimited internet for one low price.

Dtac 10 MBPS Unlimited 1 Year

The first step to my setup is to get yourself a DTAC sim card. They offer an unlimited, 1 year sim at 10 MBPS. The speeds are adequate for travel throughout Thailand and working at a cafe with your laptop.

For many, this one sim card may be enough for all your needs. Pop it into your phone and you now have unlimited internet access for the year for roughly 1,600 Baht.

*Update* Dtac 15 MBPS 100 GB

Just want to update this, the Dtac 10 MBPS is no longer available. If you have one like me you can continue using it and paying for it, but once the year is up, I'm going to switch over to a Dtac 15 MBPS 100 GB sim.

It's faster, cheaper and better for me as this sim card provides a small amount of data for phone calls which the unlimited plan did not. This was quite annoying when trying to make the occasional phone call as I had to use my Skype minutes.

The only drawback is I'll have to have a new phone number (not a big problem). If I want to keep my current phone number I would have to continue paying for the 1 year DTAC unlimited plan.

According to the DTAC app on my phone, I've been using roughly 20-30 GB of data a month for the past year so my usage is far under the 100 GB limit. It's also cheaper for me to get a new sim card as the renewal rate for the Dtac 10 MBPS is over 3000 Baht now.

What's the catch?

No catch, this sim card has worked like a champ throughout my travels here in Thailand. The only limitation is that if you need to upload 4k videos like I do for my YouTube channel then this sim card is not adequate. I also live on the 30th floor of a beautiful condo building and do find myself out of range for sim card access.

Not Dtac's fault, so I do have to pay for AIS internet in my condo. Worth it as it's a business expense for me and I need it for my work.

AIS Pocket Wifi - Connect multiple devices (Optional)

The next product I suggest looking at is AIS's pocket wifi device. This device looks like a little white router that fits in your pocket. AIS does offer their own sim card combination but it's not that good because all packages are limited by their monthly usage.

While 30 GB is a lot of data, what my Thai friends who use this sim card tell me is that your data starts to become throttled the more you use. With Dtac I've had no issue at all so once I pop it into my AIS Pocket Wifi I have a mobile hotspot for both my laptop, phone and any friends who are visiting that need internet.

Is this a mobile hotspot device?

Yes it is. You don't need it if you're fine with putting the unlimited Dtac sim card in your phone and calling it a day. I however like using the Pocket Wifi because it's designed to be a mobile hotspot so I don't have to use my phone and burn through the battery. Fully charged, the AIS Pocket Wifi lasts 12 hours.

It's also helpful to use because when I'm somewhere that does not have wifi like Amazon Coffee or somewhere that has slow internet like Starbucks (in Thailand speeds are awful) it's useful to have in order to connect both my laptop and phone.

However you can just use your phone as a mobile hotspot if you don't want to purchase the Pocket Wifi.

Unlimited internet in Thailand - Conclusion

So I'll leave it there for this short write up on how to get unlimited internet in Thailand. If you're going to be staying here for a year or more I highly recommend getting the unlimited Dtac sim card at a minimum.

Update: As it's not available, ask about the Dtac 15 MBPS, 100 GB a month, 1 year sim card. It's around 15000 Baht for a year.

An optional purchase is the AIS Pocket Wifi mobile hotspot device. Regardless of what you decide, you can get great value for your money in this country if you know where to look and what to do.