Niche Markets That Are Too Small

Niche Markets That Are Too Small

I'm not a fan of Gary V. I call him 1DV because he's so 1 dimensional. Work, hustle and enjoy life when you're old I guess? I get it, Gary V is a work-a-holic type character. Nothing wrong with that if that's how you're oriented in the world. However, it's only only a small minority of men who are like that.

The rest of us want to work hard, build wealth and live a dynamic and interesting life filled with choice. I personally hate the whole self help/growth coaching/mindset, you just need to level up as a person or your skills in business.

Yes when you start hard work and new knowledge is needed. However, at a certain point 90% of your success will come from the market and product you build. Not some deep experience you lack.

This is Alex:

He's worth 100 million from making Source Wave SEO in his 20s to then pivoting and creating Hyros which he sold in his 30's.

Hyro's made him rich "rich"