How I Intend to Make Money Blogging at

How I Intend to Make Money Blogging at
My goal is to make this "edge of David" brand into  a $1-2k income source minimum.

I'm currently self-employed and my income comes from being a top-rated Fiverr seller, a niche website about teaching abroad and online (which makes money from Amazon Associates, affiliate offers to TEFL courses/online course websites and display ads) and my main business "Website Creative Pro" which I would describe as a full stack online business (website, YouTube, email list, paid products and running paid ads).

Then there is my personal, creative outlet - Edge of David.

When I started blogging here back in 2010 my goal was to become a professional blogger making a full time income. I straight up failed (obviously) because I was giving life advice as goofy, out of shape 26-year-old living in Connecticut who had just quit his job and was working one-off jobs at Robert Half Account Temps to make ends meet while figuring out his next move.

Not exactly an inspirational life, but I now see how risky that was and how that risk and pain is required for serious change. I eventually went abroad to Thailand to teach English and during that time I built my content marketing business over a few years.

I wasted a lot of time on this site back then to be honest because I didn't understand content marketing, SEO and how my blog would even make money in the first place. But it was a necessary learning experience about content marketing, business and finding your thing - read my post on toxic self help for more about how to know when to quite and when to keep going to you don't waste your life on something.

Edge of David as my creative outlet

So after 2.5 years or so of blogging here, I was able to get this site to about 150 visitors a day, making roughly $80 a month from ads and around $100-200 from affiliate marketing.

Circa 2010 - Designed with the now defunct Headway theme for WordPress. Not bad for a total amateur.

This was great because I was a broke English teacher making 33,000 Baht a month, roughly $850-1000 a month given the exchange rate. This was enough to cover my expenses but not save, so an extra 100-300 USD flowing into my life was clutch.

However, anyone how knows me knows that no way was I content with being some English teacher. This is why I made my popular "teacher trap" video because too many guys get comfortable scrapping by, drinking a big LEO every night and dating some lo-so farm girl they think is a 10, but everyone else sees as a 4.

It genuinely pissed me off when I would go to Bangkok (I lived in Ratchaburi at the time) and not have the funds to go to a nice rooftop bar, always having to worry about how much things cost, having to leave Bangkok on Sunday night for a 3 hour van ride back to Ratchaburi and meeting guys who were living the life I wanted - a life of freedom and self-sovereignty.

I didn't give up

I kept trying different things and was ok with acknowledging that all the time and effort I had put into was a learning experience but if I had kept at it, it would become a waste of time.

I had to accept that despite starting in 2010, I was starting over from scratch with a new project. That's a painful realization because time is valuable and you want things to grow, but failure is part of the process like all the clichés state.

So I decided that going forward, I'll always keep this brand as a personal thing. As I live abroad, travel and was growing a business I just needed a place to create. I even started my vlog for the same reason. In the back of my mind I did think that maybe vlogging would be my thing. But like the EOD vlog never took off.

I'm actually thankful it didn't because I love,  absolutely love my current business model of making educational tutorials. The vlog however like the blog did teach me how to make videos which proved essential for my main business however.

Funny how things work out.

Now I want this brand to make money

I enjoy having 3 brands to work on. My niche website on teaching, my main "full stack business of Website Creative Pro and Edge of David. But of all these brands Edge of David is the one that is not really pulling it's weight.

So let me break down the income and how I plan on making money blogging with this website and the vlog:

Revenue streams to make money blogging