How I Made $5000 From Unstoppable Domains With Affiliate Marketing

How affiliate marketing actually works for (real) profit.

How I Made $5000 From Unstoppable Domains With Affiliate Marketing

Everyone wants to make the big bucks with affiliate marketing, yet most fail to even make $10.

Wrong niche, wrong content, wrong offer.

You're being a money chaser as I like to call it, doing something you think can make money, but something you have no interest in.

Like creating a stupid AI website on bonsai trees or tropical birds.

Newsflash, you're here serve an audience. Not "get traffic from Google" and make ad revenue.

So how did I make $5000 from promoting Unstoppable Domains?

First off, proof:

All in all, I made an even $5,600 dollars from Unstoppable Domains. They have since shut down their affiliate program so don’t bother trying to sign up.

It’s a shame because it was a unique offer that converted really well.

Anyways, here is how I made this money from affiliate marketing for this company.

The concept of NFT’s, Bitcoin and alt coins were in a bull run, as such there was a lot of interest circling around this topic with people wanting to know, understand, use and profit from this tech.

There was also not a whole lot of competition from other creators, so going after free traffic was a viable option with the right content.

Last, Unstoppable Domains is in alignment with what I do on my YouTube channel. I talk about websites, domain names, WordPress and using tech to build an online business around you.

Lesson learned – choose the right topic

I looked for new and interesting content for my topic/audience and got on top of it to ride the wave so to speak.

I created content in my own style

On my YouTube channel I create helpful, honest content. It’s not my style to be loud and over the top.

I also don’t create videos that are all hype (OMG you need to buy this now).

Instead, I noticed a lot of people struggling to understand what exactly an NFT is, what Unstoppable Domains are, how is this different from traditional DNS domains and why would you even want to buy an NFT domain in the first place.

So I did was what I do best.

Create a helpful video explaining everything someone would need to know to fully grasp the value proposition of Unstoppable Domains.

Guess what?

Once someone understands what Unstoppable Domains actually are and how to use it, then they are more likely to make a purchase through my affiliate link.

The right offer

The last part if simply putting the right offer in front of my audience.

On YouTube I put my affiliate link above the fold in the YouTube video description. I also put it a second time in the body of the description along with links to other free videos.

I use a WordPress plugin called Pretty Links to manage affiliate links.

This free plugin allows me to change a long, ugly affiliate URL into something more pleasant and trustworthy like

Why it worked

It worked because my video was really the only video that laid out what NFT based domain names are and why you would want them and how to use them without the hype.

My video gained a lot of attention and traction because this was trending topic at the time.

The offer, Unstoppable Domains was also not expensive. People will buy through your link as long as it is a reasonable price. Expensive items ($997 course, coaching offers etc) need more touch points and a sales process.

That’s why you need a sales funnel to sell a high level coaching call or service. Buying a 17$ ebook is an easy sell with free traffic, selling a $6000 coaching offer needs a long sales process to build trust.

Finally I also know how to make YouTube videos.

It’s a skill I’ve curated that I can now leverage to get in front of an audience and serve them.

Emphasis on serve.

Be useful, it’s as simple as that.

This is basic affiliate marketing

This is what I call “basic” affiliate marketing. It’s simple, uncomplicated and how everyone starts.

That is, create content, get traffic for free, then convert that attention to a sale.

There are different levels to this.

More advanced strategies involve running ads to your videos and blog posts. Collecting emails and building out a funnel to sell people by being helpful or offering a bonus if people buy through your link.

But with basic affiliate marketing, if you get the right offer in front of the right audience, converting sales is pretty easy.

This is why everyone always writes those “best xyz product for target audience.” If you’re able to get free traffic consistently, day after day to your blog post or video talking about a specific offer, getting sales becomes like clockwork.

Serve an audience

So I’ll leave it there, one thing you need to take away is to stop being a money chaser. Stop doing something you think can make money but have no interest in.

Instead, serve an audience in some meaningful way.

That’s how you turn knowledge into income.

Until next time.

Your man,