Essential Reading

I read a book a month. Reading is a valuable habit to develop so here are some excellent books to get you started:

12 Rules For Life – I’m a casual reader, but Dr Jordan Peterson is a highly verbal person and the audio version of his book is simply outstanding. If you’ve not listened to this book, get it. It’s worth every penny if you're a young man. 

The Rational Male | Preventative Medicine – This books teaches you how female behavior is and how to act accordingly. There are two books by Rollo, The Rational Male and his follow up, Preventative Medicine. I found that latter to be an excellent read.

I Will Teach You To Be Rich – By Ramit Sethi. The best personal finance book for those just getting started with making and managing money.

How To Get Rich – By billionaire Felix Dennis who founded a bunch of successful magazines. This is a book about what it really takes to achieve great things and the painful sacrifices that you will end up making. In Mr Dennis’s case, children and a wife. Much better than the name implies.

4 Hour Work Week – This was brilliant stuff when it came out. Now people are on to the concept of not having jobs, doing what you want. It’s an excellent read if you’re young and will motivate you to forego the dreams of mansions and lambos (so 90’s) and instead do what I do. Make a western income and travel on your terms.

Arnold: The Education of a Bodybuilder – Yea it’s a book by Schwarzenegger, how good can it be? This is easily the most inspiring and motivational book I’ve read to date. It’s Arnold’s story about how he came from the country side in the middle of nowhere Austria to being a real estate millionaire, actor and world champion body builder.

The Dip – By Seth Godin. A short brilliant book about the struggle you will face when doing any creative endeavor and why most never achieve anything of real value because they don’t work to get past the dip.

Linchpin – By Seth Godin. A book more relevant than ever. Safe is not safe. Safe is found in your ability to adapt and be incredibly helpful and useful at something.

Sapiens – By Yuval Noah Harari. A classic and for good reason. This explains how humans made a deal with the devil and traded a nomadic life for farming and how wheat tamed us conversely.

Meditations – By Marcus Aurelius (Ceasar). Made popular by Ryan Holiday. This is an excellent book and you can get it for free as a PDF on the internet or as proper book on Amazon. The most powerful man in the world reflects on his life and shares some profound wisdom that will enable you to re-wire your mindset, behavior and outlook on life.

Atomic Habits (Audio) – By James Clear. James Clear originally founded a personal finance website called Passive Panda. But has since gone on to build a massive personal brand around his name based on his work of forming habits. He narrates the audio version which I suggest getting.

The Alchemist - Your standard novel written in a poetic and beautiful way. Mixes in moral lessons, the nature of god as well as ethics into a captivating story that will capture your attention.

American Desperado - A book on true crimes. This book, like Felix's book (how to get rich) was simply a book I could not put down. The writing and story telling of what actually happens within criminal organizations makes this a must read.

Journey of Souls - Stories of past life regressions and the commonalities between them from unrelated people. The premise is that the author helps each person regress to their after life before they reincarnated to their current life and records what the "other side" is life. A really interesting, fun read.