Yea, You Should Upgrade to Movie Studio 17 - Here's Why

Yea, You Should Upgrade to Movie Studio 17 - Here's Why

Update: Movie Studio 18 has been released and it's a train wreak. I suggest upgrading to Vegas Pro. Read here to learn what happened.

It was the second video editing software I purchased after using some random program call Trac Axe PC.

I got the platinum edition and I really liked it. I downloaded all the other "free trial" software out there like Hit Film and Corel Video studio and for me, Movie Studio felt the most intuitive.

For a beginner as I was, Movie Studio I found was powerful and feature rich enough for me to learn how to create and edit videos. I could get into color grading, learn different codecs, export settings, transitions and how to overlay media and edit sound. It had a simple "do it for you" aspect but also allowed you to learn and grow.

Sort of like how my 200D from Canon is a good beginner camera. It comes with it's idiot proof mode but in the settings it gives you enough control for you to "get" how a camera works so if you ever move up to something more complicated, it won't be complicated as you understand the technology.

Basically, with a Canon 200d and Movie Studio, you can create pro level videos once you understand what you're doing.

*Update: I got a 90D so I can shoot in 4k

But rendering was so slow

My main issue with my Windows 10 PC and Movie Studio was how dang long it took it to render videos. I would make a simple 10 minute video at 1080P, 25 FPS with moderate editing and it would take over an hour to render.

As my professional YouTube channel has grown and is now making over 2,000 USD a month - it's clear video is going to be something I do for years to come and I should make 1-3 videos a week.

As such, I began to look at Macbooks and Final Cut Pro. I really don't want a Macbook, I enjoy Windows Machines though. Also, as I'm in Vietnam a 16 inch Macbook with a 5500M AMD graphics card and 1 TB of storage costs $3,100!

That's one downside of buying tech outside the US. Tech like phones, headphones and laptops are way more expensive outside of the US.

On top of that, I would need to pay for a copy of Screenflow and Final Cut pro as well as all the accessories. All in all, I would have to spend over $4,000 USD.

I'll wait till I go back to the USA to buy a new laptop. I personally want a Dell XPS. But fun fact you can't get modern Windows machines in Vietnam. The market here does not see the value expensive Windows machines.

Like all asian cultures, it comes down to status. You're high status if you can afford a Macbook, you're an idiot to buy an expensive Windows machine. As such, all the laptops here are dated and junky with 4 gb of ram still, optical drives (yes really) and a big boxy design.

In comes Movie Studio 17 - WAY Faster Rendering

So I noticed the latest version of Movie Studio came out. Normally I skip updating as the changes have been of no real use to me. Except, Movie Studio 17 is optimized to use your computers graphics card.

As I have an Nvidia 940M, my rendering speeds went WAY up, I'm quite happy with this change. Now, a 10 minute video recorded at 24p now renders in 10 minutes. Not exactly fast, but acceptable enough for me to work with (more modern machines would render this example in minutes).

When shooting at a higher frame rate like I do with my Sony X3000 at 60p, it does take longer than 1 to 1 like a 24p video does. In general, my hour long travel vlogs take 1.5 hours to render out.

Movie Studio 17 - 4k Editor

Movie Studio is now finally optimized to handle 4K video files. If you ever tried to put a 4k video clip onto the timeline in Movie Studio 16 and earlier, it wouldn't work. It would take too long to scrub the video and it would be incredibly choppy when trying to actually edit.

On top of that, previous versions of Movie Studio has no codex to actually export 4k to. Now, with Movie Studio 17 you can actually edit 4k files with ease like you would any 1080P file. Also for rendering, as it's 4k it will take 4x as long (obviously).

So for me, my 10 minute video renders in 10 minutes at 1080p or 40 minutes if I record in 4k. Again, not exactly fast, but workable.

Conclusion - Upgrade to Movie Studio 17

So if you've been looking for an alternative to Davinchi Resolve as a PC user, take a look at Movie Studio. For specific styles of content creation like I do, it's great. The timeline makes sense, it's light and fast, uses your machines graphics card and can do 4k.