Modern Women and Dating - The Coming Disaster

Modern Women and Dating - The Coming  Disaster

I'm writing this from Vietnam, here they have a culture that does not lie to women. Young Vietnamese women who are 27, 28 and still single are pressured to pick a guy, get married and get on with life.

The reason is because attractive men who are 30-45 years of age who are financially successful, reasonably good looking and in shape want to date and start families with younger women. They are not interested in women their own age.

This is something women over 30 in America come surprised to find out as they experience for the first time the inability to lock down a guy they like (men will still sleep with you though).

The dynamic switches

Women have sex with who they want as it's said, men have sex with who they can get. The power dynamic switches and women who hold out too long struggle to find an acceptable man (because let's be honest, a lot of men today are mediocre too) to pair bond with:

Women at 18: Hot girl summer!!!
Women at 21: My body, my choice!!!
Women at 25: I'm an independent, boss babe!!!
Women at 30: I REFUSE TO SETTLE!!!
Women at 35: Where are all the good men?!?!
Women at 40: THIS IS ALL MEN'S FAULT!!!
Women at 45: I'm still hot!!!
Women at 50: Why won't men my age marry me?! They only want girls under 27! They must be ped0s!
Women at 50+: Why am I invisible?! We need to change beauty norms!!