How To Get a 1 Year Tourist Visa For Vietnam (Americans Only)

Update: Eh, thanks Covid. Who knows when the boarders will open up again and when they do will that 1 year American visa still be a thing? No one knows. I'll leave the rest of the post as is -David

Vietnam currently offers the opportunity to obtain a one year, multiple entry tourist visa for Americans. It’s the ideal visa for digital nomads because it allows you to travel and live in Vietnam as well as abroad with ease.

I used to live in Thailand on a non-b visa as an English teacher and then I did expensive visa runs for a year. Obtaining a 3 month tourist visa, then leaving the country to obtain another 3 month tourist visa. Going to immigration constantly to extend visas and going to consulates abroad.

I got quite tired of paying money and dealing with Thai immigration almost every month. It was also annoying to have to leave the country and go apply for a new visa at an embassy abroad in Laos, Korea, Japan or Cambodia.

I could not just travel worry free. My Thai visa was always on my mind. So when I found out that Vietnam offers a 1 year tourist visa and that the only requirement was that you had to leave every 3 months I was sold.

No dealing with immigration? Great. All I have to do is leave the country every 3 months minimum? Fine by me. I can travel where ever I want and don't need to worry about visiting an embassy? Amazing, and it’s valid for 1 year? Perfect. I can actually focus on my online business and travel when I want.

How to Get a Tourist Visa For Vietnam as An American

Please note, if you just want to get a simple tourist visa you can use the official government website. You’ll get a 1 month, single entry tourist visa. For the 1 year visa for Americans, use the process below:

Step 1 – Visit

On the website you have the option to select what visa you want. As an American you can get a 1 year multiple entry tourist visa, a 1 year multiple entry business visa or a 1 month tourist visa.

You have to indicate your entry date too. Make sure your entry date is correct. Don’t fly into Vietnam on January 16th but indicate on that you’re flying in on January 14th. Be accurate with dates.

The 1 month tourist visa can be obtained at a lower cost using the Vietnam e-visa process. however is the best way to get a business or 1 year tourist visa.

The 1 year business visa is more expensive but it allows you to live in Vietnam for a whole year without needing to leave. This visa is ideal for non Americans or Americans who want to work in Vietnam.

The 1 year tourist visa is only for Americans and is for tourist purposes so don’t get the 1 year tourist visa then work a job in Vietnam. For this particular visa it’s valid for 1 year upon issue.

By leave, they just mean leave. You need to cross a land boarder or fly somewhere else. You don’t need to reapply for your visa too. It’s valid for a year. So every 3 months plan a trip.

Step 2 – Order your visa and print it out

When you submit your payment, will process your visa then email you when it is ready. Please allow for 3 business days for the visa to be completed. They do offer a rush service, but just budget the time you need.

You’ll be emailed a paper with your name on it and visa number. You need that paper to get on the plane as it’s proof you have a visa. Vietnam does not have a visa on arrival for Americas so if you don’t show this document you can’t get on the plane.

Step 3 – Pay the stamping fee at the airport

Once you print out and show your letter to the airport staff, you’ll fly to Vietnam. Upon landing at the airport head over to immigration and fill out the required form.

Submit the immigration form, your letter from, your passport and a passport photo of yourself.

Then sit and wait until your name is called. When your name is called you’ll pay $135 USD for the stamping fee as it’s called and they will return your passport with your 1 year tourist visa.

Please note they want payment in USD.

Step 4 – Go through Immigration

You should now have a 1 year tourist visa for Vietnam. All you need to do now is go through immigration at the airport. All in all you’re going to spend about 1.5-3 hours at the airport getting everything setup.

1 Year Tourist Visa For Americans in Vietnam
So that’s it. It’s a very simple, easy process. Yes, it’s a bit strange the first time you do it so that’s what compelled me to make this post and video. Does it really work? Yes. Is it safe? Yes. Is it a scam? No.

You have to go through a company to get a letter of invitation. I used and recommend

To recap:

  • Go to and select the 1 year tourist visa.
  • Be accurate with dates about when you will arrive.
  • Prepare your passport, letter from, passport pictures and $135 USD in cash.

It’s that simple.